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Group tours are offered Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m.

Select your top three date choices for your group tour. Given scheduling considerations, please book your tour at least three weeks ahead of time.

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In order to complete the reservation process, we ask that you carefully read our Group Visit Agreement below and check the box.

• Please notify us immediately if you have a change in the total number of visitors. If there is a significant increase, we may need to reschedule to provide the best experience possible.
• If the primary contact is not attending the tour, please notify us so we can update our records.
• It is the responsibility of the chaperones to stay with their students at all times. For this reason, we require a minimum of one chaperone for every 15 students.
• If at any time during the campus visit the group is deemed unruly or unmanageable by TJC staff, the presentation and/or tour will end.
• Cancellation of visits must occur at least 24 hours in advance.
• Notify the Campus Visits at 903-510-2150 or Campus.Visits@tjc.edu if a late arrival is anticipated. Scheduled activities may need to be adjusted or canceled for groups arriving more than 15 minutes late.
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